E Casino Events

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    E Casino Events is uniquely situated to provide matching tables for some of the largest casino events in the nation.

    E Casino Events
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    Our standard tables will elevate your next experience from ordinary to extraordinary!

    E Casino Events
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    We like big wheels and we cannot lie...

    E Casino Events
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    E Casino Events exclusive all white party is perfect for holiday parties!

    E Casino Events
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    Elegant, sophisticated!

    E Casino Events
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    Roulette for 20? You bet!

    E Casino Events
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    Impersonators and staging materials

    E Casino Events
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    Stack the deck in your favor with E Casino.

    E Casino Events
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    We know how to "kick" the party up a notch!

    E Casino Events
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    Slot machines can help create a winning experience!

    E Casino Events
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    E Casino Events

    E Casino Events
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    E Casino Events

    E Casino Events

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E Casino Events

100 Crescent Court

Dallas, TX 75201

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Contact: Sales Department

phone 866 28-POKER
fax 817 984 3866
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About Us

E Casino Events specializes in authentic Las Vegas-style entertainment delivered right to your door!  Our award-winning service and exceptional gaming tables make us the preeminent casino party planner in Texas.  We offer a variety of gaming options, including blackjack, craps, roulette, poker, slot machines, impersonators, money wheels, showgirls, magicians and more.  Elevate your next party with the help of our Elite team today!

Our business is capable of delivering small, intimate parties to large-scale convention sized galas.  As one of the largest providers in Texas, we are capable of delivering matching tables for any occasion.

Additional Information

Our exceptional casino entertainment experiences are legendary.  From our award-winning service, to our unconditional service guarantee, E Casino Events is a safe bet for your next casino party.  We proudly offer three types of casino parties. We have our luxurious black and grey tables, unbranded tables in green or blue, our superior Cosmo tables, and our exclusive white hot casino experience.


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