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2015 Wall Street

Dallas, TX

laser cut art pieces

Artifacture is a design/build studio in Dallas, TX. We are designers, engineers, craftsmen, programmers, makers, and yes, we are nerds. We specialize in laser cutting and dimensional paper design, but projects and clients have taken us from custom book binding to acrylic fabrication to electronics, resin casting, leather working and carpentry. Our combination of skill, creative problem solving, and a programmer’s knowledge of digital fabrication means that we excel at innovative solutions for nearly any kind of project. We are not bound by any one discipline, process or material. We are free to explore the intersections of each, and to find new ways to work with any or all of them. We have exceptional in house fabrication expertise, and for those things we are not equipped for, we have a network of partners and colleagues who are as dedicated and passionate about their craft as we are. Put succinctly, we do “wow”, and we do it well. We do the unusual, the unexpected, and occasionally the impossible – and we do so with a designer’s passion, an engineer’s thoroughness, a machinist’s precision, and a craftsman’s pride.