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Bring The Heat Tees

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live t-shirt printing

Introducing Bring the Heat Tees, live t-shirt printing. Bring the Heat Tees is the perfect expression of your brand through wearable merchandise that is fashioned by your fans, for your fans, right before their eyes. In an electrifying environment of lights, music and full color garment printing, you and your brand can engage with your audience in ways that have never been possible before now. First, your event attendees will choose one of multiple full color designs that have been created either by you or by one of our talented artists. Next, they will choose the right size and color of their garment, which can include shirts, hats, and bags in a variety of materials and styles. Then, in a whirlwind of flashing lights, driving beats, and magnetic motion, our team of “Tee-Js” will produce and deliver a uniquely branded garment designed by your guest that will create a singular connection between you and your followers. So, when it’s time for your next event, don’t just bring merchandise, bring the heat!