Chuy's Tex-Mex Catering

Chuy's Tex-Mex Catering

972 661-1019

4440 Beltline Rd.

Addison, TX

tex-mex catering

Chuy’s is a catering company based in Addison, Texas that provides full service Tex Mex catering to events in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. A restaurant that has been serving delicious, from-scratch cuisine for over 36 years, Chuy’s endeavors to provide high-quality food to all wedding events, while offering clients the opportunity to customize a menu unique to them. Further, the company strives to offer a comprehensive experience, carefully adjusting its staff and services to fit each client’s unique needs. It also offers the choice of catering to a preferred venue or offering its own private room for events. Ultimately, Chuy’s works to provide a wholly satisfying customer experience, complementing its delicious food with exemplary customer service that is molded to fit each client.