Henna By Afshan

214 724-0632

5849 Aylworth

Frisco, TX


professional henna artist

I love everything creative, it truly excites me to create ... be it Henna art, Acrylic art, Resin Art, even cooking, lol! I have been creating since I was 10 or 12 and have never stopped. Creating designs with Henna paste is so different than actually drawing with a pencil or pen and I absolutely love working with this medium. As a young girl growing up in Pakistan, I used to love doing Henna for my friends and neighbors and never thought it would become such a big part of my life. I moved to Dallas in 1994 and I had never planned to do this professionally but my sister in law ( who is also an Awesome Henna artist ) encouraged me and taught me how to make the cones the way they are most comfortable to use and to make the Henna paste with all natural essential oils so it gives the best stain. I started practicing Calligraphy and painting in the year 2007 and haven't looked back and love experimenting with different styles and mediums.