Motus Red

Motus Red

469 340-3806

7411 Place #123

Dallas, TX

photo booth rentals

A sleek multi-camera rig ready to go anywhere, the MOTUSRED creates 3D motion-photos that look like something out of ‘The Matrixʼ; capturing single perfect moments in-motion and dazzling party goers at every event theyʼve popped up at all year long. The magic of the animated-gif-like effect (which we canʼt get enough of looking at) is in nine cameras housed in the rig firing at exactly the same time, creating a freeze-frame moment from multiple angles. A computer then immediately stitches the frames together and animates the moment into a boomerang-style video with a 3D parallax effect- ready to be shared, uploaded, and viewed instantly. Not just a novel concept, but an insanely fun party trick- the MOTUSREDʼs retro motion-revamp of the old-fashioned snapshot has become a hotly-desired addition to some of the cityʼs best events; and a party in and of itself.