The Hotel Association

The Hotel Association

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Dallas, TX

hotel & lodging association

The Hotel Association fosters growth of its members by helping to transform the professional landscape within the local hotel and hospitality industry.  The association was created and founded by Al DeBerry on March 2, 2015.  Mr. DeBerry is an hotelier with 30 years of experience who wanted to develop an organization with fellow hotel professionals that more directly met their needs now and into the future.  The goal is to provide members with value, relevance, and an outlet for operators, management and their staff to develop professionally while having opportunities to bond together.  The association ensures constant communication with its members and its events are always based on what are the most important topics for the industry.  We look to always positively impact the communities around us through our local educational partners and charities that we work with.  We are a very inclusive group that anyone can be a part of and feel involved with.  Our motto is:  "Welcome Everyone - Everyone Welcome" and we mean it!