Tastefully Yours Catering

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    Blue House Dining

    Tastefully Yours Catering
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    Blue House Dining Entree

    Tastefully Yours Catering
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    Tastefully Yours Catering
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    Wedding Catering

    Tastefully Yours Catering
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    Chef Andrew Teaching at the Blue House

    Tastefully Yours Catering
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    Sandwich anyone?

    Tastefully Yours Catering
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    Buffet Catering

    Tastefully Yours Catering
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    Cheese and Fruit.

    Tastefully Yours Catering
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    Grilled Vegetables to accompany any buffet

    Tastefully Yours Catering
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    Hors d'oeurve's

    Tastefully Yours Catering
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    Main Entree

    Tastefully Yours Catering
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    Tastefully Yours Catering

Contact Us

Tastefully Yours Catering

1959 W Southlake Blvd

Southlake, TX 76092

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Contact: Lisa Huszar

phone 817-749-0896
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Year Founded

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Hours of Operation

Tuesday - Saturday 8:00 AM-5:00 PM

About Us

Tastefully Yours Catering is all about creating food with an impact and the building of flavors. We want all of our clients and their guests to have a truly unique culinary experience. One that will create a lasting impression. Let us make all your events memorable.

Additional Information

Chef Andrew Huszar and his wife Lisa are passionate local business owners in Southlake, Texas. They own the catering company, Tastefully Yours Catering, located at 1959 W Southlake Blvd.

They also own the "Blue House". Blue House Dining is a historic 1925 renovated farmhouse with a commercial kitchen. The house is used for the highly sought after, once a month five-course dinner hosted by the couple. The menu elegantly executed, showcases Andrew's extraordinary culinary talent. Guests are welcome before dinner for a taste of wine and Hors d'oeuvre with Chef Huszar and his wife Lisa.

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