Tim Love Catering

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    IF YOU CAN TAKE THE HEAT, CELEBRATE IN CHEF TIM LOVE’S KITCHEN Located on the cusp of Downtown Fort Worth, The Chef Love Test Kitchen offers a truly unique experience and intimate setting for any food-loving crowd. With space for 20–100 people, groups small and large can experience walking in Tim Love’s shoes for an evening of food and fun.

    Tim Love Catering
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    Do you adore the delicious selections at The Lonesome Dove Western Bistro? Tim Love Catering can fire up all the classic Chef Tim Love dishes you love and serve them up with magnificent presentation at your next event!

    Tim Love Catering
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    Great Desserts deserve great Set ups. Like this Sweets Station.

    Tim Love Catering
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    TLC is with your through your whole event from choosing the plating to making sure everything runs smoothly throughout your magical night.

    Tim Love Catering
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    When Tim Love says hand-on, he means it! Here, you and your guests will don the aprons and cook the dish alongside Chef Love with a fully interactive, step-by-step process complete with your own individual cooking stations. Armed with new knowledge and cooking know-how, you'll certainly be going home with more than just a full belly! To round out the experience after preparing and tasting your delectable dish, you will be served an entrée prepared by Tim Love's very own catering team and have the opportunity to mingle with the Chef himself during the dessert course.

    Tim Love Catering
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    With numerous menus to choose from TLC can make any event soar.

    Tim Love Catering
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    GRILLING WITH CHEF TIM LOVE Roll up your sleeves and pour yourself a glass of wine. Hands-On Grilling With Tim Love puts you in the driver’s seat with Texas’ famed grilling expert so you can grill and skewer up your very own dish from start to finish. While this one-of-a-kind experience is a must for sharpening up your backyard grilling technique, every minute is as lively as the next with Tim as your mentor.

    Tim Love Catering
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    Sampler of some TLC Appetizers

    Tim Love Catering
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    Sample Table Setting for a Lunch Buffet TLC created for ACL 2015 Festival

    Tim Love Catering
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    Meet the Love Box a staple in all Tim Love Catering Events

    Tim Love Catering
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    Tim Love's official Ramen from the Woodshed Smokehouse

    Tim Love Catering
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    Don't miss out on a creative Breakfast Buffet from TLC.

    Tim Love Catering

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The Birth of Tim Love Catering

Tim Love Catering offers the unique experience of enjoying acclaimed Texas Chef Tim Love’s signature urban western cuisine outside his award-winning restaurants.

Starting as a favor for a few regulars at Lonesome Dove Western Bistro, Tim Love Catering has grown into one of the country’s most dynamic catering companies, offering its bold flavors to the city of Fort Worth and beyond.


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